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This is a print project which you can join in  - the final print will be ready in early 2016.

There was an event to kickstart my journey on December 8th - more information here 

The Time Travel in Architecture Project aims to produce a print adorned with 100 dates over 100 years. A visual record of a century of change. Even though not yet complete - the first print has sold for £1900 which is going to the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT). The CCT looks after redundant churches in innovative ways that involve and nourish the whole community.


Time Travel in Architecture from Andy Marshall on Vimeo.

As a young kid living in the north of Manchester, I felt disconnected from the industrial sprawl. Hope springs eternal, and I started to search for clues along the walls laid bare. What I found was a dizzying mix of architectural styles, often confusing, but there to be investigated, un-knotted and understood.

Every now and again, I came across a date stone. A point frozen in time, where the creators though fit to mark their pride in the structural enterprise they had invested in. Such date stones were often infused with meaning, whether it be with material, pattern or typography. Not just abstract carvings - but delicately thought out vignettes milled from the thoughts of human kind.

And that was it for me - the spark- the connection between the original thought and me. The building being the conduit. 

And now, with serious intent, I find myself travelling the country in earnest to capture the thoughts of men and women in the C19th via the architectural language they left behind. Calcified thoughts at a particular point in time underpinned with a date stone.

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