The Vestibule

Welcome to the Vestibule.

 Here's a short video to explain what it's all about:


The Door is a thing of beauty and in it's huge variety of styles and types reflects the diversity of the human mind. The Door Print aims to reflect such diversity by showing the door at its pristine best all lit up by raking light. 

Beyond such beauty and diversity, we can learn so much about style, type and context that will help inform our understanding of our surroundings. Nurturing a mindful interaction with our built environment that is much more rewarding. 

Thus - The Vestibule - getting behind the facade and learning more about our architectural heritage via the doors on display in the Door Print. 

Below are links to a growing series of articles on the Doors in the print which touch upon subjects such as Design, period, style, place, colour, context and type. 

1. Modern Design Rooted in the Past - looking at two strikingly different doors on the Door print and how they are linked by a common design although they are decades apart.

2. The SPAB Front Door - a gorgeous Georgian Door fronting the offices of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings founded by William Morris. 

3. An Edgar Wood Brace - two doors of 1900 that have modernist pretensions.

4. Fanlights - the beauty and diversity of the over-light