The Light Refinery

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Many years ago I distinctly remember glancing through a myriad of door types in Ronald Brunskill's 'Vernacular Architecture: An Illustrated Handbook'.

The ability to compare and contrast architectural details from a period of time helped give me an informed understanding of development of style and function.

Doors are especially receptive to such comparisons.

And so I set about during my travels around the country to capture a selection of doors which were particularly appealing to me, and display them in one final print. 

Around 300 hours of time spent travelling and photographing, I've tried to ensure that the final print has a lyrical beauty all of its own.

Not just placed in any way - each door has been carefully selected and positioned to have maximum appeal to the greater context of the print. 

Most of the doors in the print are articulated by light - so it has a resonance beyond the letterbox. 

View All Editions of the Door Print

Doors that Pop


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