Gothic Time Shift

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A print that records the light and its interaction with the dramatic Gothic facade at Peterborough Cathedral. See available formats.

There's nothing like allowing an idea to take shape and ferment and this has been the case with my Gothic Time Shift Print.

This art work is deeply rooted in the making of a film at Peterborough Cathedral called Step into the Light. 

There's a feeling of connection and absorption when spending several hours time-lapsing a building. You notice things that you wouldn't ordinarily see. Time seems to slow down, as does your heart beat, and I remember on the day - whilst time-lapsing a sun dial -  such continued absorption enabling me to see the shadows actually move. 

The Gothic Time Shift print is an expression of what I experienced that day - the essence of what I saw.

Almost 4 thousand images were taken of the west front at Peterborough Cathedral and I've selected the perfect slice of time where the facade moves from darkness, had its details pricked out by the raking light, then bathes in the full glory of the sun. 

Just like my experience on the day - there's a journey involved when viewing the print.

On one level an intricate, prismatic and geometrical pattern. On another, a study in light and its interaction with architectural form and space. 

Step back and see a grand, honeycombed, diagonal sweep of darkness into light.

Move closer and see in perfect miniature detail how the moving light interacts with the Gothic canvas.