Genius Loci Prints - where next?

A short video about Genius Loci Prints


I'm looking for places to record for posterity in my Genius Loci Prints

Do you know of, or live in a location that has a real sense of place that you think should be photographed and captured in a Genius Loci print?

If so - drop me a line via Contact above, or use the hashtag #geniuslociprint on social media to bring your place to my attention. I'll be recording all the suggestions and visiting some of the suggested destinations. I am @fotofacade on Twitter or you can post a suggestion on the dedicated Facebook Page

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What goes into the Genius Loci Prints

In 2003 I finished a post grad diploma in Historic Building Conservation.

In a project called 'Genius Loci in Architecture' I explored the complex grammar of architecture and tried to break it down into digestible chunks.

What I learned was that a sense of place is created by combined elements such as space, circulation, plan, form, material, colour, texture, style, typography, decoration and pattern.

Such things create the essence of the places we live in.

The Genius Loci prints attempt to capture this essence.