Time Travelling Print Sells for £1900

November 25, 2015

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Hannah Lyons (CCT Commercial Manager in the North) receives a cheque from Andy Marshall on behalf of Artorius Faber (image by Adam Pilkington)

One of Andy Marshall’s planned prints in the Time Travel in Architecture Print Project has already sold to Stone Manufacturers Artorius Faber for £1900 and the money has been donated to the Churches Conservation Trust

The Time Travel in Architecture Print Project was launched last night at the Frozen in Time Event in Manchester. Andy explained that this was the start of a journey to photography 100 date stones over 100 years and place them in the final print.

Out of that a unique edition of the print is to be made. Called the 1900 Edition - it will have additionally a date stone of 1900 - symbolically looking towards the future.

After a short film describing the journey involved in the project, Andy made an appeal for people to join him on his journey in an interactive way by subscribing to the project. 

Another appeal was made to the people of Manchester on BBC Radio Manchester’s Becky Want Show to help him find a date stone of 1900 in the Manchester region - this date stone to go on the final unique print already sold.

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