Abbey Time Shift - light enraptured, time captured

March 12, 2016

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 Light enraptured, time captured

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I spent several memorable days a couple of years ago photographing and time-lapsing Hexham Abbey.

For one scene of the time-lapse I spent many hours at the top of the Night Stairs mothering the camera whilst it took an image of the raking light across the transept every second.

A type of absorption took place whilst watching the light creep across the north transept onto the east wall and then delicately clamber along the organ loft and onto the ochre Saxon cross in the south transept.

It's an energizing experience - there's a stillness and a sense of peace as you hang onto each moment.

Abbey Time Shift is my way of trying to share the experience I had whilst my eyes were locked on the moving light from the Night Stairs.

There's an added dimension to the print. It has context too - stand back and see the prismatic effect of dark cool blues move towards the warm honeyed light in the bottom right hand corner.

Time is intertwined with every frame.

Stand a little closer and you can see every detail as the light interacts with the ancient stone.

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