York Genius Loci Print

October 31, 2016

Look at any map of York and squint your eyes and you'll see Romans. Remarkably the physical blueprint of the legionary fortress first built in AD71 can still be seen amidst the modern street pattern. The epic nature of the originating street plan reverberating through time - with the pioneering boundaries still surviving like arch-historical aftershocks. 

Out of that has blossomed a city that is a joy to photograph, and I've captured York as a part of my Genius Loci Series of prints.

York is a mix of rustic reds, wonky castellations and jettied eaves, her material is brick with a dash of limestone - clay pantiles, quaterfoiled barge boards, classical balusters, and mooning gargoyles.

The print aims to convey the essence of York visually and you can see more about the Genius Loci prints (and a bit of York) in the video below

Genius Loci Prints from Andy Marshall on Vimeo.

I'd love to know what you think - you can see all editions of the print here.

Make it your place:


Do you know of, or live in a place that deserves capturing in a Genius Loci print?

If so - drop me a line via Contact above, or use the hashtag #geniuslociprint on social media to bring your place to my attention.

I'll be recording all the suggestions and visiting some of the suggested destinations.

I am @fotofacade on Twitter or you can post a suggestion on the dedicated Facebook Page.

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FInders Keepers...

March 29, 2016

Congrats to Meredith and Alistair who both found Eye of the Beholder posters at Bristol and Sapperton locations by following the hashtag #cctphoto2016.

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The Abbey Time Shift print which captures the passage of light through Hexham Abbey in Northumberland has been reviewed on ArchDaily.

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The Eye of the Beholder is a very special print.

As part of a pop up #cctphoto tour, I'll be leaving a signed 17" poster, safely stored inside a postal tube at St. John's, Bristol on Wednesday 15 March 2016.


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Pop Up #CCTPhoto Tour

March 14, 2016

I'll be heading down to St. John's Bristol on Tuesday 15 March and St. Kenelm's, Sapperton in the Cotswolds on 16th March to photograph these beautiful churches for The Churches Conservation Trust.

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I spent several memorable days a couple of years ago photographing and time-lapsing Hexham Abbey.

For one scene of the time-lapse I spent many hours at the top of the Night Stairs mothering the camera whilst it took an image of the raking light across the transept every second.

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And the winner of the #yorkdoorprint competition is...


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York Door Competition

February 28, 2016

Show me your best photograph of York's architectural heritage and you could win a York Door Poster.

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After over one hundred entries to the #loveyourdoor competition, the worthy winner is announced.
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