Halcyon Days in York

February 18, 2016

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Adam and Eve carving York Minster, West Front

York is one of my all time favourite cities.

Get the park and ride into the centre and you're in for an grand architectural parade.

Walk along the vast sweep of her walls and you get a sense of the great ancient and medieval city.

For me, though, it isn't just about the medieval.

York has a sense of place, real presence and this is articulated through the quality of design and architecture throughout the ages.

York oozes with detail from every corner.

Dare lift your eyes and you'll be richly entertained by a vibrant and sometimes sensual architectural landscape.

For me as an architectural photographer, and as an artist, there is so much to draw from in York and so much to draw...

I've been to York with camera in hand so many times I've lost count and during those times photographed the gorgeous details in every type of light.

For my latest print I've drawn from the several hundred images I have of doors in York to present you with some of my favourites.

The York door print is firmly fixed upon my wall to always remind me of halcyon days in a truly magnificent city.

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