Modern design, rooted in the past

February 04, 2016

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I'm really lucky to be able to travel around and see some of the most wonderful places.

Whilst travelling around and photographing buildings I tend to pick up on links between design and style in different parts of the country.

Take the door, for instance. I have thousands of images of doors, and being able to compare them in one place brings about a few enlightening moments. 

Take the door above - photographed in York opposite Clifford's Tower.

A sort of door/window hybrid - typically Victorian with the two over two sash windows. 

To me it looks like the door is holding up the window in a strange architectural balancing act. 

A stylistic blip confined to the Victorian period?

Now let's time travel several decades later into the early C20th

Take a look at what we have here:

Here at the Broadway Cinema in Letchworth we have a beautiful example of the dynamic lines of the Art Deco period. 

I think it's wonderful.

I love it even more because it's rooted stylistically in the Victorian one. A refreshing and completely new design that draws it's essence from the past.

And the Victorian design? Any precedents for that? If you see any - drop me a line

Both Doors can be found in the Door Print - see below