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Abbey Time Shift

"..the delicacy and beauty of the nearly indiscernible." ArchDaily

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"So happy to get my hands on my Manchester Twilight Print! Love it!"

Lindsey Hockenhull (The Derma Clinic)

Eye of the Beholder

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"Bristling with symbolism designed to the highest standards of materials and workmanship - this church just resonates with the human spirit of endeavour. " (Eye of the Beholder)

Wells Cathedral

The Light Refinery

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York Genius Loci Print

October 31, 2016

Look at any map of York and squint your eyes and you'll see Romans. Remarkably the physical blueprint of the legionary fortress first built in... Read More

Genius Loci Prints - coming soon

May 12, 2016

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Here's an exclusive preview of the film introducing a growing series of prints visualising the genius loci of the towns and cities that we love. Read More
FInders Keepers...

March 29, 2016

Congrats to Meredith and Alistair who both found Eye of the Beholder posters at Bristol and Sapperton locations by following the hashtag #cctphoto2016.

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Abbey Time Shift on ArchDaily

March 29, 2016

The Abbey Time Shift print which captures the passage of light through Hexham Abbey in Northumberland has been reviewed on ArchDaily.

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What People Are Saying

"In a project that counterpoints the speed and precision that characterizes most of our lives, Abbey Time Shift asks us to to slow down and admire the delicacy and beauty of the nearly indiscernible." Vladimir Gintoff (ArchDaily)

" of the country's leading architectural photographers." (Manchester Evening News

" of the upcoming names in his field..."  (SPAB Cornerstone Magazine

"...I have to say that he ended up producing these mind blowing pictures of the house and so we were really privileged to be in amongst the best of the best."

Sarah Beeny (Digital Photographer Enthusiast)  

The consummate professional makes everything seem like a pleasure, always seems relaxed and is a joy to work with. Andy Marshall is such a professional, providing fabulous imagery and capturing the essence of the interiors he has shot for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others, though do so with a heavy heart as it means I’ll have to book him even further in advance. Be warned however, to get the real 5-star service, you must provide cake

Sian Astley (Interior Designer & Presenter of Channel 5′s Half Built House

“The Churches Conservation Trust has been working with Andy Marshall for years, and over that time his unique talents have helped us to capture the timeless beauty of a significant number of our unique collection of England’s historic churches, including some of our most important projects like All Souls Bolton.

“Andy is one of the best architectural photographers in the business and his 'Time Travel in Architecture' project is typical of his innovative approach..."

Anthony Bennet, (Director of Development at The Churches Conservation Trust)

"Over the last couple of years, Andy has photographed buildings for World Monuments Fund, and they are beyond excellent- they help to re-frame the way we view the great sites we work on.

It takes a humane eye- immersed in the nature of a subject- and great technical skill to construct photographic works of art.

Andy Marshall is one of Britain's very best architectural photographers. He has the patience of a fisherman- understanding his quarry, and waiting and watching, at ease with the light and shadow he plumbs. Then he strikes at the right moment. Through his rare talent, what he captures is the essence of a building."

 Dr. Jonathan Foyle - Built.Org/ TV presenter